Disneyland Paris

Which Attractions?
* Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril: Backwards (!)
*Space Mountain - Freom the Earth to the Moon (!)
*Peter Pans Flight
*Star Tours

(!)Minimum heigh required: 1,4m

How does it work?

* At the entrance to the attraction, take the "FASTPASS TICKETS" line.

* Insert your Park entrance Passport into the FASTPASS distributor to receive a ticket. This will indicate the time slot during which you should return to ride the attraction.

*With your FASTPASS ticket in your pocket, you can enjoy the other Park attractions and shows.

*When you return to the attraction during the time period indicated, take the FASTPASS entrance marked "ENTRANCE AVEC TICKET" and you will be able to ride the attraction in just a few minutes.

Keep in mind:

Each entrance Passport holder must collect his/her own FASTPASS ticket.

 You can use the FASTPASS service as many times as you like; however, you can only be in possession of one FASTPASS ticket at a time. To obtain another, the previous one must have already been used.

invalid tickets!

The FASTPASS ticket obtained at one attraction cannot be used at any other attractions.

At the attraction concerned, you may choose to wait in either the standard queue or the FASTPASS line.

A guest can also obtain a SECOND FASTPASS anywhere, if their return time is superior to 2 hours. This is often the case at Peter Pan.

The time a guest is allowed his or her next FASTPASS is now printed on all the FASTPASS tickets.

The system also knows if the guest has an active ticket elsewhere and prints on the "reject" ticket which attraction the guest already has a ticket.

FASTPASS tickets are distributed according to availability.



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