Disneyland Paris


Disneyland Hotel

Once upon a time...there was a fairy tale "palace"! Today, right at the entrance to the Theme Park, this fantastical jewel is the gateway to the magical world of Disneyland Paris. An exquisite example of Victorian architecture, the Disneyland Hotel offers luxury on a grand scale. With its pink turrets, wide bay windows fringed with lace, marble, silverware, valet parking and refined luxury...it's straight out of a fairy tale.


Hotel New York

Just a stone's throw from Disney Village, this is New York at it's best. Brightly coloured skyscrapers and lushious greenery as in Central Park...Feel the buzz of the city. At the Hotel New York the roaring twenties are here to stay!



Newport Bay Club

Set sail for New England and let your imagination run free when you berth on the shores of Lake Disney. At this delightful seaside resort you will find the atmosphere of an elegant marina. Step aboard the " Yacht Club" restaurant and cruise through the gourmet menu where fish and shellfish are the specialities.




Sequoia Lodge

Nature lovers find refuge here in the timber and stone lodges - just like those in the American national parks. Gather round the huge hearth in the lounge and relax as you savour the atmosphere of the American mountains. On returning to the comfort of your room you'll sleep like a dog...


Hotel Cheyenne

If you've always longed to be a cowboy, this is the frontier town for you! Complete with wooden sidewalks, a bank and even a sheriff's office, stroll along Desperado Street and feel as if you've stepped into your own Western movie...and the children will love it too! Kick off your spurs and flop into the huge armchairs for a break bushed, crash out in the lobby. And when you're really bushed, crash out in rooms that'll match your wildest dreams.


Hotel Santa Fe

Route 66...and you're on your way to a colourful New Mexico village. This desert oasis is overflowing with the atmosphere of the American South West. Keep your eyes peeled as you follow the trail through the pueblos. Strange signs, a candelabra cactus, a flying saucer and even a Cadillac half buried in the sand...it's a walk on the wild side! At the heart of the village a kaleidoscope of colour greets you - Hola!



Davy Crockett Ranch

Welcome to trapper country! Situated in the heart of a 57 hectare forest, this is the perfect wilderness escape for you and your family!
This Ranch is a 15 minute car drive from the Theme Park.




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