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News 1999

Mulan - The Legend

All year round at Videopolis, Discoveryland.
Now, the legend comes alive at Disneyland Paris.
In the time of spirits and dragons, there lived in a legend land of great tradition and honour. Her name: Mulan. From the imagination of Disney comes "Mulan, the Legend" at Disneyland Paris, a new live stage show that brings to life the greatest momentsfrom Disney 36th animated feature film.You'll travel to China, magnificently captured in Asian musical rhythms and dance. See amazing oriental art forms and witness the most spectacular Chinese acrobats ever. "Mulan, the Legend" - an epic adventure to free your spirit and touch your heart. Live and only at Disneyland Paris.

Honey, I Shrunk The Audience

Opening 28th March 1999, presented by Kodak
Are you big enough to be shrunk?
You are invited to take part in a fun-filled experiment where anything can happen - and does! You're at the Imagination Institute, a prestigious centre of science and learning. The fun begins when Professor Szalinski presents the Invention of the Year, an amazing shrinking machine...and it's pointed at you! Then prepare yourself to get shrunk and live a giant misadventure into imagination. Life is short - so size-up for the newest and biggest experience ever!

The Wonderful World of Disney Parade

Until October 1999. Relive 70 years of Disney Cinema: from the excitement of Steamboat Willie in black and white to the commanding grandeur of Hercules astride Pegasus...What a joy for children to be invited to participate in the adventures of their heroes.

Winnie the Pooh and Friends, too

Certain dates from April - September.
Winnie the Pooh introduces us to his friends Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore at Castle Stage. Their adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood are brought to life with song and dance.

Main Street Electrical Parade

Certain evenings in May and September 1999, every evening from 10th July - 31st August 1999.
As the sun sets, Disneyland Paris is transformed into a magical fairyland of light with the illuminations of More Lights, More Magic, The Main Street Electrical Parade, a world-exclusive parade of floats gliding along Main Street, U.S.A. under the starry skies of night.

Tinker Bell's Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks

Every evening from 10th July - 31st August 1999.
The grand finale, next to Le Chateau de la Bois Dormant (Sleeping Beauty Castle), is a fireworks display: Tinker Bell's Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks accompanied by music and crowned by the appearance of Tinker Bell. Watch with delight as Tinker Bell flies trough the air... This summer at Disneyland Paris your evenings will be more magical than ever. An enchanting adventure to share with your family.


Certain dates fom June - August 1999.
Witness live the filming of "Pocahontas, the movie" in Frontierland, where Max the director films the main scenes: the Indian village, the romance with John Smith, the Battle between the Indians and the English soldiers...Maybe you will be chosen as an extra?


From 16th October to 1st November 1999 in Frontierland..
Trick or treat! Goblins and Disney villains surround you in the middle of a spooky ghost town. Suddenly a creepy feeling comes over you. Then, boo! Micke...eeeeey! Cruella De Vil, Jafar and other Disney surprises make your day terror-ific. It's Halloween as you've never seen it. Don't miss out - it's a scream. Only at Disneyland Paris.

Disney Village News 1999

Mc Donald's

Since 20. January 1999.
Decorated in the style of the Commedia dell'Arte, this restaurant has an indoor play area inspired by the discoveries of Leonardo Da Vinci unique in France. Opening from 7.30 am to midnight.

Rainforest Cafe

Opening spring 1999.
Discover this restaurant and its decoration inspired by the Amazon forest and its wild animals. Drink with animals that look real, have a bite next to a giant aquarium or di a little shopping.
Open from 11.30 am to midnight.


As from the 1st June 1999 at Disney Village.
An aquatic circus extravaganza devised by Muriel Hermine. Following their huge success at the Cirque d'Hiver in Paris, Cresend'O presents a new aqatic show at Disney Village as from the 1st June. The authentic big top offers scenery and effects unrivalled anywhere in the world: a magical pool containing nearly 600.000 litres of water appears and disappears during the show, while aquatic dancers, divers, trapeze artists and acrobats leap and twirl through water, air and fire, bringing this entrancing aquatic and musical spectacle to life. A unique, exclusive event to enjoy with your family! Duration of the show: 1 hour 50 minutes (including the interval).
Times from 1st June - 31st October 1999.
(1) on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
*5.00pm and 8.30pm on Saturday and Sunday
(1) From the 1st - 29th October 1999, the show starts at 8.30pm
Closed on Thursday. Adult: GBP 23, Child: GBP 16


News 1998

The Wonderful World of Disney Parade

From 30 March - 6 November 1998
Even more colourful and lively, the new parade brings together the great Disney classics, up to the latest - larger-than-life Hercules!


Disney Classics: The Music and the Magic

From 28 March - 30 September 1998
The great Disney classics, including Hercules, the latest Film, inspire this musical show at Videopolis.


En Scene, s'il vous plait!

From 1 April - 6 September 1998
Mickey and friends present their latest musical comedy at Fantasy Festival Stage.


Winnie the Pooh and friends, too

From April - September 1998
Winnie the Pooh introduces us to his friends Tigger and Eeyore at Castle Stage.


Festival of Flowers

From 1 May - 28 June 1998
The Park adorns itself with a thousand flowers...in a topiary garden, meet the famous animals of the Disney family recreated in topiary displays by Disneyland Paris artists.


Strike 30.06. - 10.07.1998


Main Street Electrical Parade

From 11 July - 31 August 1998
This Summer, your evenings will be even more magical with a bigger than ever Electrical Parade!


Tinkerbell's Fantasy in the sky fireworks

From 11 July - 31 August 1998
The grand finale of the evening: fireworks set to music, crowned with the appearance of Tinkerbell herself!


Pocahontas, the show

From 26 June - 6 September 1998
Take part in the filming of "Pocahontas" in Frontierland!


Disney's California Dream

From 22 August - 27 September 1998
The California of your dreams is coming to Disneyland Paris! Discover the live concerts, American cars, basket Ballers, pom pom girls etc.



From 29. 08. - 6. 09.1998



From 17 October - 1 November 1998
Come disguised for a rendez-vous with Ghosts and goblins in Frontierland, a terrifying ghost town...Come celebrate Halloween.



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